Jonathan Abeita
Indian Highway Safety Officer
Isleta Pueblo

Brian G. Allen, PE, PMP
Field Operations Manager
Office of Tribal Transportation, FHWA

Ken Atkins
Contract Administration Engineer

Lee Axdahl
South Dakota Office of Highway Safety

Cody Beers
Senior Public Relations Specialist
Wyoming Department of Transportation

Tom Bragan
National Center for Statistics and Analysis

Debbie Bray
Tulalip Tribe, WA

Carrie Brown
Tribal Traffic Safety Specialist
Tribal Injury Prevention Resource Center
Albuquerque Indian Health Board

Denea Burgess
Transportation Planner
Seminole Nation of Oklahoma

Jamie Burns
Regional Program Manager
NHTSA Region 8

Andy Byra
Program Manager
Federal Highway Administration

Joe Campbell, P.E., M.S.C.E.
Area Engineer / Assistant Bridge Engineer
MN Division, FHWA

Michia Casebier
M.G. Tech-Writing, LLC

Walt Catlett, PE
Director of Education and Outreach
Tribal Technical Assistance Program

Andy Caulum
Office of the Solicitor
Division of Indian Affairs
FHWA Office of Tribal Transportation

Sheila Cozzie
Cultural Liaison
Montana Department of Transportation

Bernadette Cuthair
Director of Planning
Development and Community Services Division

Clarence Daniels
Association of Village Councils

James (Jim) DeCarli, Ph.D., SHSP
Occupant Protection Committee

David Deutsawe
Director Community Development
Pueblo of Acoma

Tony Furst
Chief Innovation Officer

Lenora Graves
Native American Liaison Branch Chief

Mari Hembeck
Deputy Regional Administrator
NHTSA Region 10

Tim Hess
Associate Administrator

Erin Kenley
Office of Tribal Transportation Program

Sheldon Kipp
Senior Program Manager
Division of Transportation

Scott Johnson
Maintenance and Operations SME
Tribal Technical Assistance Program

Adam Larsen
Safety Engineer & Safety Program Manager
FHWA Office of Tribal Transportation

Vince Mammano
Division Administrator
FHWA California Division

Duane O. Matt
Division of Energy and Mineral Development

Chris McCray
Transportation & Safety Manager
Pawnee Nation

John Mercier
Manager, Tribal Transportation Program
Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde

Tim Oliver
Director of Transportation
Gila River

Jamie Pfister
Associate Administrator

Vivian Philbin
Assistant Chief Counsel for Federal Lands

Joely Proudfit, Ph.D.
California Indian Culture and Sovereignty Center

Dr. David Ragland
University of California, Berkeley

Barbara Richard
Planning & Procurement SME
Tribal Technical Assistance Program

Neil Rodriguez
Project Manager
National Rural Transit Assistance Program

Leslie Sanders
Transportation Director
Trinidad Rancheria

Beverly Santicola
Ute Tribe’s Grant Writer
Ute Mountain

Sam Sinclair
Regional Program Manager
NHTSA Region 6

Laura Sonderup
Managing Director
Heinrich Marketing

Owen C. Unangst
Director, Technology Sector
Cherokee Nation Technologies

Dr. Kim Vachal
North Dakota State University

Steve Wilkie
Regional Road Engineer
BIA Pacific Region

as of May 2, 2019