National Tribal Symposium to Advance Transportation

Thank you for attending the 2019 Symposium!

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Road safety is very important, because it simultaneously involves the entire population of any country in a variety of roles: drivers, passengers and pedestrians. Therefore, the awareness of all the participants is imperative. With drivers, this situation is the simplest, since the drivers were trained in a driving school and studied the rules of the road and behavior on the road. But with passengers and pedestrians, the situation is more complicated. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration devotes a lot of resources to promoting safe behavior on the roads. I believe that the administration should also start and promote courses for schoolchildren, so that people take an interesting interactive course in which children can learn about road safety. Also, this can be done for adults, since it is very simple and completely inexpensive to create an online course. Explanatory work must be carried out with the drivers, because they are the first to suffer and if itàs done in the form of a mini-course, it would be successful.

The newly renamed National Tribal Symposium to Advance Transportation brought to you by the Federal Highway Administration is held annually in support of the Tribal Technical Assistance Program. This year's Symposium welcomed tribal, federal, state, and industry leaders from across the U.S. who are focused on the latest tribal transportation issues and challenges.

More than just a new name, the 2019 National Tribal Symposium to Advance Transportation provided opportunities to exchange knowledge and best practices, experience new innovations, and connect with FHWA and other federal transportation agency's subject matter experts, industry experts, and tribal transportation professionals. In addition, timely sessions invoked great discussions for participants and offered a quality learning experience.



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Thank You to Our Co-Sponsor: National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

Thank you to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) for co-sponsoring the 2019 Symposium. This partnership enhanced the Symposium by providing diverse educational sessions, and access to a broad range of technical expertise. WE ARE ONEDOT.